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Patoro is a brand new blend created by Patrick Martin, a cigar enthousiat. He wanted to create the cigar he dreamed for. He know that to achieve quality he has to control every aspect of quality. Quality is the main thing about these cigars. Quality of the blend. Quality of the rolling, for the best pleasure of smoking. Quality of the packaging. Quality of the controls of quality. Each box is signed by the controler of quality. The only problem with such a high standart of quality is quantity. Patoro cigars "Gran Aņejo Reserva" are produced in very limited quantities. Patoro cigars "Gran Aņejo Reserva" are sold in wooden boxes of 50 cigars only.


The Patoro Robusto is one of the most successfull size for Patoro cigars. It has a large gauge and a short body. The Robusto is a perfect choice for after a lunch, or a light dinner, when ther is no sufficient time to start a longer cigar, like in a restaurant. It is a perfectly  rolled cigar. A Robusto begins with some power, that will slightly but regulary increase during smoking. Its a sensitive cigar, specially if you smoke it too quickly, so take your time while smoking it. 


This cigar comes only in wooden Cabinet of 50 cellophaned cigars. Each box is signed by the quality controller and each box is under the responsability of one roller. The wrappers are from dark blond to clear blond. It has a perfect construction. The aroma of the unsmoked cigar is very delicate, a little spicy and with a hint of herbal and flower aromas. The first smoke gives immediately what this cigar wants to give, a very good balance between power and elegance. Unlike many cigars the very beginning is perfect. Its aroma in mouth is very similar to the one expected when cold smelling this cigar. This cigar is very sensitive to the way you smoke it, smoke it specially quietly, it will give you its best. It has a complex range of secondary aromas : wood, cocoa, sugarcane, spices. The Patoro Robusto can give immediately its full potential as the tobacco are from 7 to 4 years old, carefully matured in Dominican republic.


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