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H. Upmann is a traditional cuban Brand. There is a manufacture in La Habana, a few yards behind the Partagas factory,  which is still named the Upmann factory by the older people working there. This brand is famous among cigar "Connoisseur" for their strong and very flavoury cigars. H. Upmann is making two qualities of cigars, a low quality with strong and heavy cigars ; and a high quality with strong, but particulary pleasant cigars. Among the most famous : the Sir Winston, the Magnum46 and the Connoisseur N1.

The Gran Corona (Corona Gorda) size is one of the most popular size made in cuba. It has a relatively large gauge and a longer body than its brother the Robusto. The Gran Coronas is a perfect choice for after a meal, when ther is no sufficient time to start a longer cigar, like in a restaurant. Its usually a well rolled cigar. A Gran Corona beginns with some power, that will slightly increase during smoking. Its a sensitive cigar, specially if you smoke it too quickly, its taste can soon become a little bitter. Its a very popular cigar, as the pleasure is intense from the very beginning. 


This cigar comes in Cabinet of 25 cigars. It has a  medium range of wrappers colours, from dark chocolate (rare) to blond (more usual). It generaly has a good to an excellent construction. The aroma in the box is delicate, a little spicy and with a hint of herbal and flower aromas. The first smoke gives almost full power, but a little bitterness appears somtimes and disappears after a few quiet puffs. Its aroma is much stronger than expected when cold smelling this cigar. This cigar is very sensitive to the way you smoke it, smoke it specially quietly, it will give you its best. It has a complex range of secondary aromas : dry herbs, musk, tropical  wood, pepper, cocoa. The Upmann Magnum 46 will give its full range of aromas with 1 to 8 years of  maturation.


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