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Punch is a traditional cuban Brand. Its name comes from a popular english newspaper, where the man and its dog came from. It was created to please the english amateur. This brand is famous among cigar aficionados for their strong but unagressive, round and spicy cigars.

The Double Corona size is one of the biggest size made in cuba. It has a relatively large gauge and a long body. Double Coronas are often out of stock as rollers need a specially large wrapper to make these cigars. Usually a Double Corona beginns with light and fine aromas, and then gets very slowly, stronger and stronger. Its a very popular cigar for real aficionados, as the pleasure is  intense and can last for about two hours of relaxing smoking. 


This cigar comes in boxes of 25 units or in Cabinets of 50 cigars. It has a  large range of wrappers colours, from dark blond (rare) to dark chocolate (more usual). It generaly has a good construction. The aroma in the box is woody, spicy and with a hint of herbal and pepper aromas. The first smoke gives almost full power, unless the "Partagas Lusitanias" that will give full aroma later in the smoke, or the "Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas" that starts and ends lighter. The best way of apreciating this cigar, is to smoke it when you have plenty of time in front of you. It has a complex range of secondary aromas : milk chocolate, tropical  wood, pepper, vanilla. A fantastic cigar to smoke with a friend. The Punch Double Corona will give its full range of aromas with 2 to 10 years of  maturation.


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