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Upmann.jpg (3958 octets)


H. Upmann is a traditional cuban Brand. There is a manufacture in La Habana, a few yards behind the Partagas factory,  which is still named H. Upmann factory. This brand is famous among cigar "Connoisseur" for their strong and very flavoury cigars. H. Upmann is making two qualities of cigars, a low quality with strong and heavy cigars and a high quality with strong but particulary pleasant cigars. Among the most famous : the Sir Winston, the rare Magnum46 and the Connoisseur N°1.

Robusto.jpg (1969 octets)
Robusto is a thick and short cigar size. It becames very popular these years. As the ring gauge is big, the aromas are strong and come easily in mounth.


This cigar comes in CABINET of 25 units. It has a small range of wrappers colours, from light blond to dark blond. It already has the new cuban wrapper since one year. When the new wrappers were introduced for the ConnoisseurN°1, the cubans also changed the mixture of tobacco. The new Connoisseur N°1 is much lighter than the old one. It used to be a strong but inagressive cigar and it became soft but generous. It generaly has a very good construction, the wrappers are particulary beautifull. The aroma in the box is woody, flowery and with a hint of vanilla. The best way of apreciating this cigar, is to smoke gently, after a light meal in the evening or after luch. It has a complex range of secondary aromas : vanilla again, aromatic herbs, cedar. You can smoke this Connoisseur almost till the end.



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