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Frequently asked Questions

How is it possible to order?
Check first the price and availability for cubans here : http://www.cigars-bonvin.ch/liste.htm, and the price list for Davidoff Here : http://www.cigars-bonvin.ch/Davidoff.htm. The best is to print a fax order form, as the on-line order still is not completely safe. The fax order form is to be found here http://www.cigars-bonvin.ch/FORME.HTM

How much are the shipping and handling charges?
There is no handling charges, just the normal price Air Mail (other companies on request) from Switzerland is charged. Price depend on weight. So if you want to have the exact price, first choose the cigars you want.

Is everything in stock, so the cigars can be send in the shortest period of time?
Yes, we are a real cigars shop, and we have a huge cellar, so everything should be in stock. And if a cigars is not available, we will send you immediately an e-mail. Usually we are sending the cigars on the next open day, if we receive the mail or fax early in the morning, we can send it the same day.

Do you send cigars to the States?
We are shipping cigars worldwide, but not to the States.

What about the quality of your cigars?
We are an official HABANOS dealer for more than 40 years, and an official DAVIDOFF dealer for more than 25 years. And one of our policy is to try to keep the best quality, for our direct customers and also for the internet customers. We open every box we receive to check its quality and we are sending back the ones that didn't reach our quality standarts. We are testing cigars that are coming on the market, and buying a huge quantity of them if they are of a particulary good production. And on the contrary we don't buy them if they are under our expectations.

e-mail : contact@cigars-bonvin.ch